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Potjie Cover, Bake Pot #12 – Ripstop


SKU: 10990

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Potjie Cover, Bake Pot #12 – Ripstop

Great carry bag for your Potjie pot. Whether you are on the road and want to protect other items from being soiled or whether you simply want to store it in a safe protected state, this bag is perfect! It gets even beter, with a PVC lining on the inside this bag is now super easy to clean. Heavy-duty materials, zips, sliders and and webbing carry handle provide the best quality gear for you.

IMPORTANT: Potjie pot is not included, this is for the bag only. Grids, tongs, firelighters, stands, pots and jaffle irons/makers sold seperately.

Material: Ripstop (RS)
Padded: Yes
Primary Colour: Khaki
Product Size: 39 x 32 x 15 cm
Capacity: 19 litres
Water-resistant: Yes
Waterproof: No
Dustproof: Yes

Cleaning instructions:

Cleaning is best done using a soft brush and a general cleaning agent. Do not use products containing hard chemicals or ammonia, as this will affect the water resistant quality of the ripstop material. Standard washing powder or dishwashing liquid is best. Be sure to dry thoroughly before storing as this will help to avoid molding. Do not submerge in water.


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