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Order your Biltong, price is per 100g. Please enter in the Qty box the multiple of 100g you require. Minimum is 100g. ‘Dried sausage’ when directly translated. This is dried meat with a twist, a completely different texture to our biltong and a different taste too! Give it a go, you wont be dissapointed.

Droewors – Popular South African Snack Food

Meat is an essential part of South African culinary traditions. As a result, there are a number of uniquely South African foods based on meat. One of the most popular is droewors.

Droewors is a snack food that is essentially a dried sausage. It’s unique from other types of dried meat typically available in New Zealand. If you remember eating droewors in South Africa, you will understand the difference.

Most importantly, droewors is delicious. Did you know, however, that you can buy droewors here? You can, at Biltong Plus. Place your order today.

What is Droewors?

Droewors is a common snack in South Africa that traces its origins back hundreds of years.

As Droewors is dried sausage, the first step is to make the sausage. Most droewors are made from dunwors, a type of thin South African sausage. Dunwors are used rather than dikwors (a thick South African sausage) because thinner sausages dry faster and easier.

Droewors are usually made from thin sausages made from beef. The process and ingredients are similar to boerewors, although veal and pork don’t dry very well so these meats are often left out in favour of beef.

The meat in the thin sausages is then spiced with coriander seed and is ready for drying.

Droewors are unique from other types of dried meat as the drying process takes place very quickly and in a warm environment. This was how droewors were made in the South African sunshine in the 19th century and it continues to be the process today. Other types of dried meats are usually dried in colder and more humid conditions.

Droewors don’t have a curing agent either, another feature that differentiates this traditional South African snack from other types of dried meat.

Buying Droewors Online

We’ve made buying droewors as easy as possible, and we ship to anywhere in New Zealand. No longer is droewors a delicious treat you can only have when you are back in South Africa – now you can have it here too.

To buy, just select the quantity you want and place your order. We price our droewors per 100 grams with a minimum order value of 100 grams. Start shopping now.

Storing Droewors

You shouldn’t store droewors in your fridge. In fact, you shouldn’t store them anywhere where there is moisture. Instead, store your new delivery of droewors in a dry place such as a cupboard in your kitchen.


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